If you think this a worthy vision and would like to help it come to fruition, please consider a donation. None of the monies donated will go towards a personal salary.

GMG strives to bring back the joy and exposure of Classical music to all school aged children. To us, Classical music includes all the genres of orchestral and jazz music. Through our software we will offer a series of educational interactive activities designed to expose the user to Classical music. Our products will include orchestra instruments, famous orchestra composers, other cultures’ instruments, music history, reading rhythms, singing on pitch and conducting, while integrating math, geography and social studies. Our integrated software is designed to be in line with State Standards and cultivate an appreciation for Classical music while, hopefully, creating life-long consumers. Elements of our product offering will incorporate a game-like aspect with the intention of making Classical music fun and entertaining for young people.  Through accomplishing all of this, we envision GMG to become THE PERFERRED PORTAL for accessing Classical music.

About Us

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Our initial target market we estimate to be over 3.5 million strong, just in the United States, and includes -

  • Teachers (both music, art and classroom),
  • School districts,
  • Higher education institutions,
  • Home schooling,
  • Senior centers (offering activities for memory enhancement and brain exercises that incorporate the fine arts),
  • Home market,
  • Summer music camps,
  • Symphony orchestras’ youth education programs.


Extrapolating beyond this, we see a global market of significant potential. Classes from different states and even different countries can compete with each other in real time. Users will be nurtured from Kindergarten to appreciate classical music. NAXOS (http://www.naxos.com) will become their direct source for Classical music, jazz music and the new childrens’ audio book series. The “Problem” is international in scope and GMG has the potential to improve the delivery of music education and meet the needs of school curriculums in ways that have never been achieved. This innovative educational delivery system is not designed to replace traditional music instruction but enhance the possibilities of learning an art form that "attempts to express more profound human issues". ​("The Art of Classical Music", by Richard Nilsen; The Arizona Republic, Oct. 10, 2009)


The software will be kept on a cloud server. Users will access all activities on-line using a keycode. A low monthly fee will provide full access to all the integrated activities.​​