"MELODY - MATCH:  Rock Stars"

© Great Music Games

is a Concentration type game utilizing Rock excerpts. Rock Stars is designed to show the player that Rock musicians are often heavily influenced by Classical music. Players receive points by finding two matching aural excerpts. Below is a draft of what the game board would look like but not the final product. After finding a match, an image of the composer (band) would appear where players would learn the selection title and when it was composed followed by a brief video of the rock star sharing how Classical music influenced their lives.

The game will include but not limited to the following rock stars:

  • Johnny Greenwood, Radiohead's lead guitarist
  • Bryce Dessner, guitarist for The National
  • Randy Rhodes, guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne
  • Frank Zappa
  • John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin's bassist 
  • Keith Emerson, pianist for Emerson, Lake and Palmer
  • Billy Joel
  • ​Lady Gaga
  • Rick Wakeman, pianist for Yes​
  • Alicia Keys
  • Beyoncé
  • Bobby McFerrin