is a rhythm reading based activity. It is designed to teach the player to match rhythmic notation to its aural counterpart. In addition to whole, half, quarter and eighth notes, this advanced version includes sixteenths, dotted eighths and syncopation. The objective in ‘Spider Rhythms’ is to advance one cell at a time towards the center when the aural example matches the one in the player's next cell. Each player is assigned a row and must stay in their row until they reach the center. Below is a draft of what the game board would look like but not the final product. The size of the web would automatically adjust to the number of players and orientate itself to the perspective of the player's pre-assigned row. When a player's example is heard, the view would zoom towards the next rhythm in the row. Each player would still see the entire gameboard allowing them to view who is advancing in each turn. Players win after hearing all five of their rhythms. An advanced version allows players to move into other players’ rows as long as the cell is diagonal to the one they’re in. No two players can occupy the same cell so the one that identifies the rhythm quicker will get the space.