Below are sample questions. They are designed for middle school and high school. They can also be played in college Humanities classes.

"What a Pitch" for 20 points; This interval is so perfect it twinkles.

"All That Jazz" for 80 points; He was the first American composer to combine Jazz and Classical music.

"Silver Screen" ​for 100 points (Audio Daily Double); The movie "Home Alone" featured this famous work by Tchaikovsky. 

"I've Got Rhythm" for 40 points; These two kinds of beats help us to feel the meter of a song.

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is a ‘Jeopardy’ type game using category headers with five choices underneath of varying point values. There is even a final question round worth additional points. Below is a draft of what the game board would look like but not the final product. Players gain points by answering with a question. Information for these games are taken from various music genres, music history and elements of music.